2011. január 17., hétfő

Are Google Android mobile phones slowly but surely taking over the smart phone world?

Android have been about for a while now, long enough you would think in which they'd have enough knowledge to develop a handset that is capable of inflicting some kind of serious damage on the Apple iPhone. Well only just recently have they been able to do this and this was using the launching of the HTC Desire HD. So far as sales go we don't have specific figures but we do know for sure that in the UK the shops that had the handsets for sale did not have enough supply to fulfill consumer demand.

So you can safely say that Google Android mobile phones at the moment are beginning to get to the light right at the end of a very long, Apple iPhone dominated tunnel. Android at first was virtually exclusicve to HTC but lately we have seen the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S launched which is in many ways every bit as good as the Desire HD and in others not as good, but still it is a cracking phone and there have already been a few other's launched like computer giants Dell's very first dip into the mobile/smart phone market with the Dell Streak, which it's safe to say is one heck of a mobile phone handset. It's got an exceptionally big screen measuring up to be 5 inches bang on. Some going that for a phone screen, but Dell being Dell do not do things by half really. I mean this smartphone is practically a laptop, but not just any old laptop, a laptop smaller than your own shoe!

If you might quite like one of these brilliant mobile phones, whether it's a HTC or a new Dell or whatever you are sure to find some good Android deals around on the high-street, as there are a few budget Android handsets just like the Wildfire and also some of the more 'top of the range' handsets like the HTC Desire HD.

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