2011. január 9., vasárnap

Play Mittens' Lost and Found

Mittens' Lost and Found Game

You may think that Christmas is no time for a naughty kitten to wonder around all by itself, but you could not be more wrong! With all the excitement and preparations going on, Christmas Eve is the perfect occasion for a cat to sneak out of the house and go bargain hunting. And since his owners are fully caught in the Christmas fever, tomcat Mittens has the backyard all for itself. Mittens made a list of all the things he needs for a special project of his and now is trying to sort them through. The backyard is quite a mess at this time of the year and Mittens has only got 5 mins to finish up his mission. Can you lend him a hand? Find all the missing objects you see on the list and click on them to single them out! Best of luck and have fun!

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